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About Us

Career Bees is an on-demand career advice marketplace allowing mentors, experts and career coaches to provide career advice to those who seek a career inspiration. Career Bees reinvented networking! We belive in knowledge and interest based networking as oposed to conventional means. Our goal is to create an agile knowlage sharing platform for creaters of the future.

Our Seekers

In an increasingly volatile job market, a good career coach is just what you need. Whether you're a recent graduate or someone looking for a change or a boost in your career, Career Bees will find you the best career advice and mentoring. We believe a suitable provider will make everything a lot simpler. Our network of providers are willing to provide you with the best career advice specific to your industry and some even for free.

Our Providers

Our Providers are well experienced and possess a lot of knowledge to give back to the future of their respective industries. They are guided and trained within their day to day jobs and have effective techniques for career coaching. To the provider, it’s an opportunity to reflect on self skills, motivations and boost career confidence. This can be used as an opportunity to help a very keen seeker build their career while even getting paid.

We are keen to deliver the best for you! Our payment module will be introduced soon where the Providers have the option to be valued for their time and effort.


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